Foreigners’ share slips in private home deals, Singapore Property News, Singapore Property Guides & Articles – STProperty

THE proportion of private home transactions involving foreign buyers (including Singapore permanent residents, or PRs) slipped to 20.8 per cent in April, after recovering to 26.7 per cent in March.

In February, their share dived to 23.3 per cent following the seventh round of property cooling measures that took effect on Jan 12.

In January, foreigners had accounted for 28 per cent of caveats lodged for private homes purchased in Singapore, shows Knight Frank’s analysis.

Conversely, Singaporean buyers’ share increased, from 72.5 per cent in March to 78.3 per cent in April – highest monthly share in a year.

These trends are due to the number of caveats for private homes lodged by Singaporeans rising at a faster clip than purchases by foreigners.

In April, Singaporeans lodged 1,528 caveats, up 62 per cent from March. The number of caveats lodged by foreign buyers rose 16.4 per cent month on month to 405 in April.

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