Is HDB dishonest or incompetent?

I notice that new HDB flats are designed and built with “household shelter” or what is commonly called a bomb shelter. But private houses or condos are not designed and built with such shelters.

Thus may I know why do we need such a shelter which may jack up the price of the flat and serve no purpose except inconvenience the flat dwellers?

Can we really survive in the bomb shelter when the flats are being bombed? Did HDB do a feasibility study before they decided to build one? Or did they merely build one because they want to “wayang” to the world that we also have a bomb shelter in every flat in SG?

Can the Colombo, MIT, Harvard or dogshit scholars answer me? How practical is the bomb shelter? Are the bomb shelters designed that if the whole building collapses, the bomb shelters would still remain standing?

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