FAQs for Foreign Property Loans in Singapore

xOverseas_Real_Estate_-_Foreign_property_loansCan I buy a foreign property abroad and take up a local Singapore dollar loan?

Yes you may, subject to locations, government regulations and restrictions. Locations currently offered are Australia (country wide), New Zealand (country wide), Britain (London), Japan (Tokyo), Malaysia (country wide) and the United States of America (New York and California).

What are the advantages of taking a Singapore dollar overseas property loan?

  • Lower interest rates due to lower Singapore dollars cost of funds.
  • Lower interest spread/margin.
  • Convenience of loan repayment in Singapore.
  • Dual capital gain from asset and currency appreciation.

Read more: http://www.mortgagesupermart.com.sg/resources/articles/203-faqs-for-foreign-property-loans-in-singapore

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